What Is Snoring And What Causes It

Snoring, dreadful, annoying and unnoticeable at best. At least 40% of people snore, sometimes not even noticing it. But why is it that the other population does not? Snoring is accredited to those individuals that possess enlarged tonsil, bigger than average tongues and excess weight around the neck area. All of these factors lead to sawing logs at night while sleeping, making it the time for not noticing the noises. The sound on its own it´s caused by a narrowing of the person´s throat.

An associated disorder linked directly to snoring is Sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea is distinguished by the individual having pauses in their breathing, lasting a few seconds up to a few minutes. During the process, the person sleeping will regain breathability beginning with a cough or loud snort. Apnea is also related to many health risks, so get it checked out ASAP. If you think you have only snoring issues, then please check this website out.

Remember also to keep these factors in mind

  • Anatomy of your mouth – Having a soft roof palate, being overweight, etc., all contribute to snoring. Other factors include having tonsil and tongues larger than normal.
  • Alcohol Consumption – Having a drink or two before tucking in your bed causes you to snore. Alcohol relaxes muscles in your throat, allowing it to collapse with ease, thus making you saw logs at night.
  • Skipping sleep – Even though it leads to snoring, of course, depriving you of sleeping has many health related issues. When you fail to sleep enough, your muscles become too tired. When you sleep, this tiredness causes them to collapse, again, making you snore through the night.
  • Sleep position – Sleeping a certain way can also make you snort. If you tend to sleep on your back, chances are you suffer from snoring already, due to your tongue sliding back and making contact with the back of your throat, blocking the air passage.
  • Allergies – Anything that blocks the airway making it difficult for you to breath. This includes the flu, allergenic reactions and or even physical factors such as a deviated septum.

All of these are the most common causes for you to start snoring, many of the times without you even noticing it. Remember to seek a doctor if the problems persist and take care.

Snoring is also linked to:

  • Daytime sleepiness – Blockage of the airways, means less oxygen, and more tiredness that getting some rest through the night. Since you´re getting tired, you will feel it during your working hours.
  • Morning headaches – Credited to the lack of oxygen that you end up not receiving.
  • Mood swings – All accredited to not getting a good night sleep combined with some snoring.

Keep in mind that perhaps the easiest solution to your snoring problems might be the acquisition and usage of a mouthpiece. No rocket science behind these little gadgets ensuring you a good night, snore-less night. If you saw wood during your nights, then remember always to take your time and try to solve this issue as it must not be forgotten or underestimated. Please take a look at this video for more information on the topic.

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