Get Rid of Your Toxins

Over time, there are all sorts of dangerous but common toxins that can build up in your body. They can be found in the foods you eat and in the products you use every day. When allowed to remain in the body and accumulate, they can end up causing a lot of damage. These toxins can cause all sorts of symptoms from digestive disorders, bloating, IBS, etc. to allergies and skin conditions. Click here for more information

By understanding what they are and how to recognize them when you see them, it will be easier to avoid them in the future and decide whether a body detox is in order right now.

Here are some common toxins that may surprise you:

High fructose corn syrup, which is commonly found in soft drinks and other products containing sugar, is known to build up in the body over time. This is dangerous because it’s been found to force the body to age at a faster than normal rate. As a result, it can especially be harmful to the condition of your skin.

Monosodium glutamate, which is better known as MSG, is another common toxin. Commonly used as a flavoring in food, this material can impact the nervous system and promote allergies.

Soy is considered a healthy alternative for many people who need to avoid dairy products, but because most soy is heavily processed it can cause it to build up toxins in your digestive system. Further, soy can prevent calcium and Vitamin D from getting through your body and being processed properly. As a result, your bone strength may be compromised and put you at risk for fractures and other injuries. At toxic levels, soy can cause your body to suffer from fatigue.

The only soy that actually does the body a favor is whole fermented soy beans, like in miso or soy tempeh.

Talc is a toxin that can be absorbed into the body through inhalation while using cosmetic and baby powders. At too-high levels, talc can cause the body’s reproductive system to be inhibited.

Aspartame is commonly used as a sugar substitute in a number of products including many diet sodas. It easily can build up in the body. Excessive amounts can cause headaches in certain people.

Finally, hydrogenated oil – also known as trans fats – can be toxic to your body. These toxins do not easily break down and can cause clogging. In addition, allergies have been found to be promoted by this unhealthy type of oil as well.

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