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What Is a Bricked Device And How To Solve It

android-brickedSitting in your room watching some videos on your phone, you are greeted by a video that claims free purchases in your games. You look into the matter and find out it’s a method of hacking your device and possibly encounter some problems along the way. Having bought the idea, you give it a go. Everything seems to go as you saw in the video, your phone shuts down, only for you to find out you have “bricked” your phone. Scared, you decide to get it repaired. Now as whacky as this may seem, lots of people are tempted to hack (a.k.a root (Android), jailbreak (ios)). To make sure to get some quality and reasonably priced repairs, make sure to visit

What is “bricking” your device?

Bricking can happen when messing around with the device’s firmware. The most common cause for a phone or device to block is tingling with the firmware (not even directly) at a rather precise moment. Say your phone, MP3, camera (any device that utilizes firmware) says there´s a new update available. You decide to install this new firmware, and your gadget suddenly runs out of battery, the chances are that it is now bricked are pretty high. A direct interruption to the update will cause the phone to act funny, or even fro letting it work properly until fixed. That is the same reason as to why some messages or screens depict a “do not turn off” text, to prevent these kinds of problems from happening. Also, meddling with third party ROM´s might affect the overall performance and even damage your firmware. However, higher end systems, computers and such, may be fixed by installing the firmware once again.

Possible fixes for bricked devices

You have managed to brick your device, leaving it completely useless. Here are some possible ways to fix it.

  • Recovery Mode – While not being a possible fix per se, many appliances include failsafe options. Take for example a computer. Despite being interrupted during an update, it may give you the option to continue where you left off or simply starting from scratch. Also, particular Apple products contain a “DFU Mode,” making it possibly to recover from a bricked state.
  • Contact the manufacturer – While upgrading the firmware on your device, and an error randomly occurs, then it is by default the companies fault. Having been the case, contact the business and have them assume full responsibility for either fixing your phone or replacing with a new one.
  • Advanced options – Talking about phones getting bricked is one side of the coin, the other is all those other devices that use firmware, but were not mentioned, such is the case of routers. The fix for this is opening up the router, solder a JTAG cable to the internal circuit board. Afterward, connect a JTAG cable to your computer, and you may use this new cable for accessing and bypassing low-level bricks.

Remember always to back up your files when attempting something that might damage your firmware. If that was the case, always refer to professional help for your aid in fixing the issue.

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